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IWS September 17, 2005 "Blood, Sweat & Beers 2005" - Montreal, QC

IWS "Blood, Sweat & Beers 2005" September 17, 2005 Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This show features the rematch of the hardest hitting match in IWS history as Kevin Steen battles Damian in a last man standing match. Once again these two just beat the living hell out of one another. If you liked their first match youll love this one too. The stuff that happens after the match will impact the IWS forever. Other highlights include Fred La Merveille putting together SLI-USA...2.0 in their first title defense against El Generico and Beef Wellington...Dan Paysan vs Kid Kamikaze...Exess goes up against Franky the Mobster and much more. Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Brian the Guppie, Peter LaSalle & Kevin Steen.
1. Jagger Miles vs Jimmy Stone
2. SLI-USA (Fred La Merveille, Shayne Hawke & Maxime Boyer) vs Player Uno & The Flying Hurricanes
3. Dan Paysan vs Kid Kamikaze
4. Tomassino vs Green Phantom
5. 2.0 vs Beef Wellington & El Generico
6. Christopher Bishop vs Lionel Knight
7. Exess vs Franky the Mobster
8. Last Man Standing: Damian vs Kevin Steen