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MCW DVD February 26, 2006 "Resurrection" - Baltimore, MD

MCW DVD Feb. 26, 2006 "Resurrection" - Baltimore, MD
This show features the return of MCW after a 2 and a half year absence. All your MCW favorites are back along with many more superstars including Samoa Joe,Roderick Strong, The James Gang (formerly known as The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, The New Age Outlaws), Ruckus, Derek Frazier, Earl Hebner, Blue Meanie and Crowbar. This was a great return in front of 1000+ fans. This dvd also contains some bonus matches of some classic MCW matches featuring Shane Douglas, Ricky Steamboat and current WWE superstar Joey Mercury (then known as Joey Matthews). Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Axl Rotten and former WCW commentator Chris Cruise
1. Andrew Ryker & Derek Frazier vs. Ruckus & Qenaan Creed
2. Blue Meanie vs. Genesis
3. Danny Jaxx vs. Josh Daniels
4. Holy Rollers vs. The Slackers vs. Ghetto Mafia vs. Jason Static & Judas Young
5. Doug Delicious Interview Segment with guest Kelly Bell
6. Julio Dinero vs. The Bruiser
7. Danny Doring vs. Crowbar
8. Samoa Joe vs. Roderick Strong
9. James Gang vs. Slackers vs. Holy Rollers
10. Bonus match: "The Franchise" Shane Douglas vs. The Bruiser: special referee Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
11. Bonus match: Joey Matthews vs. Marcus Jordan