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MCW DVD July 16, 2003 "The Last Dance" - Glen Burnie, MD

MCW DVD July 16, 2003 "The Last Dance" - Glen Burnie, MD
This remastered DVD release is the 5th Annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup which features features two exclusive music videos as well as all of the in-ring interviews as many of the past MCW superstars reflect on what MCW has meant to them on what was thought to be the final MCW show held.
1. The Briscoes vs. The Maximos
2. Ghetto Mafia vs. Chad & Dino vs. Buzz Stryker & Derek Wayne
3. Doug Delicious vs. Bob Starr vs. Marcus Jordan
4. Chris Divine vs. Rob Eckos vs. Matt Stryker
5. Gillberg, Van Hammer, Kelly Bell and Headbanger Thrasher vs. The Holy Rollers, Genesis and Brock Singleton
6. Crash Holly vs. Adam Flash
7. Battle Royal
8. Julio Dinero & Jimmy Cicero vs. Bruiser & Billy Redwood
9. Danny Doring vs. Romeo Valentino vs. Chris Chetti
10. Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup Match - Christian York vs. Qeenan Creed vs. Joey Matthews vs. Reckless Youth vs. Jay Briscoe vs. Crash Holly