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MCW July 19, 2000 "2nd Annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup" - Glen Burnie, MD

MCW - July 19, 2000 - Glen Burnie, MD - 2nd Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup
1. Ghetto Mafia vs Dino Divine & Christopher Carmichael
2. Julio Fantastico vs Romeo Valentino
3. Corporal Punishment vs Chip Bowman
4. Balls Mahoney vs Ricky Blues
5. Chad Bowman (champ) vs Ronnie Zukko w/ Candie - MCW Light Heavyweight Title Match
6. The Executioners vs The Policy & The Black Dragon
7. Bruiser (champ) vs Jimmy Cicero - MCW Heavyweight Title Match - No DQ
8. Christian York vs Mikey Whipreck vs Chris Chetti vs Joey Matthews vs Qenaan Creed vs Adam Flash - 2nd Annual Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup