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MAW DVD May 5 & 27, 2007 - Milwaukee, WI

MAW DVD May 5 & 27, 2007 - Milwaukee, WI
This show features the last two events from MAW before finally closing its doors after 14 years. The 14th Anniversary show includes Tiger Mask IV.

MAW DVD May 5, 2007 "14th Anniversary Show" - Milwaukee, WI

1. Ariya Daivari vs. Jaysin Strife

2. Brandon Thomaselli vs. Jeff Bennett

3. Vic Rauter vs. The Ninja

4. Esteban Molina, Dysfunction & Silas Young vs. Jason Hades, Troy Walters & MsChif

5. Dysfunction vs. Silas Young

6. Jason Dukes vs. Tiger Mask

7. First Blood Lumber Jack Strap Match - Skullkrusher vs. Jay Ryan

MAW DVD May 27, 2007 "The Last Dance" - Milwaukee, WI

1. Justin Dredd vs. Esteban Molina

2. Ariya Daivari vs. Jason Dukes

3. Frank DeFalco, Derek St. Holmes & Damian Kass vs. Vic Rauter, The Mauler & Steve Jordan

4. Ian Rotten vs. Hardcore Craig

5. Mickie Knuckles vs. Bobby

6. Silas Young vs. Dysfunction w/ Special Guest Ref: Austin Aries

7. Skullkrusher vs. Brandon Thomaselli