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NCW May 5, 2001 - Red Lion, PA

1. Backseat Boyz vs Bad Crew vs Mongoose & Bart Scholl
2. Adam Flash vs Dino Divine
3. King of the Hill Battle Royal
4. Mukie & Venom vs Buddy Hungwell & Blind Rage
5. Shipwreck Shane Shannon vs Kid Kattrell
6. Big Dick Dudley & The Patriot vs Romeo Valentino & Doomsday Danny Rose
7. WCWs Gorgeous George, Missy Hyatt, Dirty Deeds Darren Wyse & Hungarian Barbarian vs Big Bertha, Denine Mercedes, The Butcher & Ran Zander - No DQ Weapons Match involving barbed wire, thumbtacks, flaming tables, chairs, tables, and tons of other weapons.