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HCW June 26, 2005 "Mandatory Suicide" - Delmar, DE

HCW June 26, 2005
HCW June 26, 2005 "Mandatory Suicide" - Delmar, DE
HCW June 26, 2005 "Mandatory Suicide" - Delmar, DE
This show features the return of the Briscoe Brothers to wrestling in a match that can only be described as unlike anything you have ever seen before in the series of matches between Mark and Jay. Also featured on this event is a bloodbath featuring Mad Man Pondo, Homeless Jimmy, Hellaware Assassin and Brain Damage
1. Battle Royal
2. Ray Sharp vs. Jason Stone
3. Jay Briscoe vs. Mark Briscoe
4. Hyjinx vs. Dizmal Doug
5. Pitbull Scott Dukes vs. Dustin Tarr
6. Devon Moore vs. Teddy Fine
7. Kid Silver vs. Crazii Shea
8. Balls Mahoney vs. Toby Klein
9. Anything Goes Hardcore Match - Homeless Jimmy & Hellaware Assassin vs. Mad Man Pondo & Brain Damage

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