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PXW August 11, 2004 - Reading, PA

PXW August 11, 2004 - Reading, PA
PXW August 11, 2004 - Reading, PA
Pro Xcitement Wrestling August 11, 2004 - Reading, PA

1. 4 Team Elimination Match - Bad Crew vs Bart Scholl & Skeeter McCoy vs Beauty & The Beast vs Dirty Deeds & Hungarian Barbarian
2. The Patriot vs Adam Flash
3. 3 Way Gauntlet for PXW Jr. Heavyweight Title - Tsunami vs Rocky Styles vs Rebecca "Pom Pom" Payne vs Master Bates vs Rorschach vs Nicky Ice vs Rodney X vs Icarus vs UltraMantis Black vs "The Solution" Scott Fowler (3 wresters start and when one is eliminated another enters so 3 wrestlers are in the ring at all times)
4. "Lighting" Mike Quackenbush vs Hallowicked
5. Gauntlet Match for PXW Heavyweight Title - Ox Hogg vs The Medic vs Night Prowler vs Big Lou vs Smasher LeBlanc vs Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston vs Black Jack Marciano vs Pinky vs D-Man Davidson vs Mongoose (2 men start and when one is eliminated another enters the match)
6. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan vs Salvatore Sincere

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