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UPW August 13, 2016 "Lord of Hardcore 2016" - Gladstone, MI (Download)

1. Brad Sharpe vs. Judge Jesse
2. UPW International Championship: El Ridiculoso(c) vs. Paul Bowser
3. First Round Strap Match: Darkchild vs. Judge Jesse
4. First Round Staple Gun & Barbed Wire Bat: Joseph Schwartz vs. Shad Satu
5. First Round Tai Pei & Bed Of Nails: Brad Sharpe vs. Peter B. Beautiful
6. First Round Mouse Traps & Barbed Wire: Insane Lane vs. James Hunter
7. Semi-Final Fans Bring The Weapons: DarkChild vs. Joseph Schwartz
8. Semi-Final Needles, Gusset Plates & Razor Wire: Insane Lane vs. Peter B. Beautiful
9. 2016 Lord of Hardcore Final