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Premier December 8, 2019 "Holiday Havoc 2019" - Cleveland, OH (Download)

1. Premier Tag Team Champions Sonny Defarge & Cornelius Crummels vs. The Commission (Lexx Vegas & Jaxon Kade) vs. The Business (Bruce Grey & Sless Taylor)
2. Welterweight Champion Cisco Silver vs. Ashton Day
3. To Crown The First Premier Women’s Champion: Zoey Skye vs. Katie Arquette
4. Ron Mathis vs. Facade w/Dani Mo
5. Calvin Couture vs. Andrew Palace
6. RC Dupree & Joe Rosa vs. The Culmination (Gory & Remy LaVey)
7. J-Rocc & Carter Robinson vs. Victor Veil & Puerto Rican Pitbull
8. Joe Dombrowski Addresses Otis Cogar’s Appearance Last Month