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Premier October 19, 2019 "Revengeance 2019" - Cleveland, OH (Download)

1. Premier Championship: Atticus Cogar (c) vs. Sonny Vice
2. 30-Minute Ironman Welterweight Championship Match: Dylan Bostic (c) vs. Ace Perry
3. Ashton Day vs. Andrew Palace
4. The Natural Aces (Sam Beale & Ace Myles) vs. The Commission (Lexx Vegas & Jaxon Kade)
5. RC Dupree vs. Remy LaVey
6. Women’s Division: Queen Aminata vs. Ray Lyn
7. Nate Wings vs. Cisco Silver vs. Puerto Rican Pitbull
8. Sless Taylor vs. Lemmy San Dimas
9. Carter Robinson vs. Victor Veil