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ACW DVD April 12, 2015 "Peace, Love & Anarchy 2015" - Austin, TX

ACW DVD April 12, 2015 "Peace, Love & Anarchy 2015" - Austin, TX
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ACW DVD April 12, 2015 "Peace, Love & Anarchy 2015" - Austin, TX
1. Dominic Dallas Starr vs. Rey Ortiz
2. Jack Jameson vs. Lil Tony
3. Erik Shadows vs. Killah Kash
4. ACW U-30 Young Gun Championship: Seph Annunaki vs. Steve O-Reno(c)
5. Chucky, Curt Stallion, Jeffrey Gant, Mad Tigre & Tank Thomas vs. Dressed to Kill (Donny Brookes, Dylan Dunbar & Johnny Dbol) & The Swarm (Dick Money & Wade Olsen)
6. The Hole F'n Team (Johnny Axxle & Mr. B) vs. Steel Money Squad (Kenny Steele & Payday)
7. Gregory James vs. Jason Silver
8. ACW Tag Team Championship: The Center of Perfection(c) (Franco D'Angelo & Matthew Palmer) vs. Gregory James & Jason Silver
9. The Focus Group (Jojo Bravo & Ricky Romida) vs. The Swarm (Angel Blue & VG Allin)
10. Barefoot Thumbtack Match: Darin Childs vs. Sky de LaCrimosa
11. Donny Brookes vs. Kyle Hawk
12. Masada vs. Scot Summers
13. ACW Unified Championship: Cherry Ramones vs. Ricky Starks(c)

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