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Beyond Wrestling DVD April 26, 2015 "Scorned" - Providence, RI

Beyond Wrestling DVD April 26, 2015 "Scorned" - Providence, RI
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Beyond Wrestling DVD April 26, 2015 "Scorned" - Providence, RI
1. AR Fox vs. "Speedball" Mike Bailey
2. John Silver vs. Orange Cassidy
3. Alex Reynolds vs. Ryan Galeone
4. ISW Other Championship: Buxx Belmar vs. Dave Cole vs. Fluffy vs. Gran Akuma
5. Matt Tremont vs. Steve Corino
6. Kimber Lee vs. Pinkie Sanchez
7. The Colony (Fire Ant & Silver Ant) vs. Da Hoodz (Davey Cash & Kris Pyro)
8. Donovan Dijak vs. Jack Connor
9. Black Baron & Moose vs. Worst Case Scenario (Eli Evans IV & Ethan Case)
10. David Starr vs. JT Dunn

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