RISE Wrestling July 8, 2018 "Ascent: The Naperville Collection Episodes 7-14" - Naperville, IL (Download)


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RISE Wrestling July 8, 2018 "Ascent: The Naperville Collection Episodes 7-14" - Naperville, IL (Download)

Episode 7 - New Phoenix, New Guardians
1. Highlight Photos from the Iron Woman Match at RISE 9 - RISE of The Knockouts between Tessa Blanchard and Mercedes Martinez
2. Hear for the first time from The Fourth Phoenix of RISE Tessa Blanchard, and her words are likely to stir some fires in the RISE locker room!
3. Saraya Knight vs. "The Fallen Flower" Kikyo
4. "Why, Britt, Why?" A Special Paredyse Productions video package taking at look at the shocking turn of events at RISE 9 with Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.
5. The First-Ever Defense of The Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships: Paradise Lost with Rosemary face Twizted Sisterz!

Episode 8 - Fire vs. Nice
1. Jessicka Havok with Nevaeh vs. Allie
2. Valentina Loca vs. Mercedes Martinez
3. Britt Baker vs. Chelsea Green
4. Plus we hear from Madison Rayne on her upcoming Phoenix of RISE Title Match against Tessa Blanchard

Episode 9 - A Diamond's First Defense
1. Miranda Alize vs. Shazza McKenzie
2. Alicia Backstage with Allie
3. Bones of Contention vs. Team Blue Nation
4. Alicia Backstage with Phoenix of RISE Champion Tessa Blanchard
5. Phoenix of RISE Championship: Tessa Blanchard defends against Madison Rayne

Episode 10 - Farewell, Virtuosa
1. Twizted Sisterz vs. Team Blue Nation
2. Alicia Backstage with Bones of Contention
3. Nevaeh with Jessicka Havok vs. Kris Wolf
4. Allie Finds the Perfect Partner
5. Kylie Rae vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Episode 11 - The Search for Tito
1. Alicia In-Ring Interview with Kylie Rae
2. Backstage with Guardians of RISE Paradise Lost with Rosemary
3. Kikyo vs. Chelsea Green
4. Aftermath from Last Week's Farewell to Deonna Purrazzo
5. Backstage with Allie and Kris Wolf
6. imber Lee vs. Shazza McKenzie

Episode 12 - Bones of #1 Contention
1. Cold Open - Killer Death Machines and Allie and Saraya Knight
2. Britt Baker vs. Rockelle Vaughn
3. Alicia Backstage with Phoenix of RISE Champion Tessa Blanchard
4. The Killer Death Machines vs. Allie and Saraya Knight
5. Alicia Backstage with Mercedes Martinez
6. Main Event: Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships - Champion Paradise Lost (Raven's Ash and Dust) with Rosemary vs. Bones of Contention (Karen Q and Ray Lyn)
Plus Deonna Purrazzo!

Episode 13 - The Phoenix, The Wolf's Head and The Broken Arm
1. IMPACT Knockouts Champion Su Yung vs. Kris Wolf
2. Alicia Backstage with Deonna Purrazzo
3. Mercedes Martinez vs. Deonna Purrazzo
4. Alicia Backstage with Miranda Alize and Kylie Rae
Phoenix of RISE Champion Tessa Blanchard defends against Miranda Alize with Kylie Rae

Episode 14 - 上昇
1. Dust vs. AZM
2. Kylie Rae vs. Shiki Shibusawa vs. Tam Nakano
3. Britt Baker vs. Natsuko Tora