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DVLH DVD "NOI Vs. Wisconsin"

DVLH DVD "NOI Vs. Wisconsin"
DVLH DVD "NOI Vs. Wisconsin"


In Feb. 2013, famed party trio and occasional professional wrestlers, the Nation of Intoxication, flew out to Wisconsin under the pretense of filming an extensive series of interviews about indy wrestling and sleaze. 
What actually transpired (to the surprise of no one) was that the itinerary set out for them was almost immediately discarded in favor of an ill-advised exercise in excessive binge-drinking.
The resulting footage--though not remotely what DVLH executives had envisioned--provides an amusing and authentic insight into the men who make up one of wrestling's most controversial stables.
The self-proclaimed "Roving Deathmatch Rock'N"Roll Gang" shed [arguably, too many] inhibitions, and--despite a total disregard for direction and refusal to cooperate with their handlers--ended up inadvertently producing enough usable footage to create an entirely different sort of documentary all together.
Rather than hearing adorable Lucky13, outspoken Devon Moore, and seldom-sober Danny Havoc describe themselves, their lifestyle, and their bond at the end of a microphone stand, you get to know them as you ride along on a pub crawl...and what could be more appropriate with a team whose mantra is "Drink, Party, Deathmatch?"
Watch as the "Notorious Scumbag" discovers his untapped potential as a bartender...Find out how many drinks it takes for the "Alpha Predator" to strip down to his boxers and start threatening strangers...witness the "Deathmatch Drunkard" slowly (read as: quickly) unravel into an unintelligible mess after being told that drinks are on the house...
For a state with the dubious honor of being "America's Drinking Capital," even Wisconsin was unprepared for the amount of ROCK and/or ROLL that the Nation PUNCHED IT IN THE FACE with.
If you ever looked at Devon Moore, Danny Havoc, and Lucky13 and thought, "I'll bet they'd be fun to drink with," this DVD is a testament to just how wrong you are.
A production of Death Vs. Luke Hadley

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