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Interview Series Blu-ray/DVD "Nick Gage"

Interview Series Blu-ray/DVD "Nick Gage"
Interview Series Blu-ray/DVD "Nick Gage"
1551 days behind bars is a long time for anybody. It's a long time to think, a long time to reflect, and a long time to think of the life you left behind and the life that awaits you upon your eventual release. For most people, those 4 years,3 months and 1 day is enough to break you down, bring you to tears, chew you up and spit you out. But for Nick 'Fucking' Gage, 1551 days was an opportunity at a rebirth the likes of independent wrestling and even more the world of the deathmatch had never seen before. For Nick Fucking Gage, 1551 days was a chance to rebuild a body broken by years of brutal matches, and drug abuse, and a mind that was damaged by indifference. Those 4 years, 3 months and 1 day went from a the basis of a depressing fall, to a self professed 'blessing in disguise' for a man revered by fans the world over.
Less than a week after his release, Gage sat down with Smart Mark Video to discuss the ups and downs, the trials (literally) and tribulations, and his plans for a return to his throne he abandoned for prison nearly 5 years ago. What you'll see in this interview is the best parts of the opinionated and fearless Nick 'Fucking' Gage, and the refreshing, focused parts of the new Nick Wilson, formerly known as Inmate #477441C. You'll get his uncensored thoughts on his career from beginning to end, and the rebirth, as well as a plethora of prison stories everyone wants to hear. The King of Ultraviolence has a lot to say, and he wants you to hear it.

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