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H20 Wrestling DVD "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Lucky 13 in H20"

H20 Wrestling DVD "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Lucky 13 in H20"
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H20 Wrestling DVD "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Lucky 13 in H20"

H20 Wrestling Career Retrospective Interviews Series & Best of w/ Lucky 13  

"A long time veteran of the sport who is one of the most underrated hybrid wrestlers to have ever graced a ring. High Flying, Hard Hitting, and even Hardcore when it called for, Lucky 13 is the definiation of what a star is not only in H2O Wrestling but all of Pro Wrestling. After some time away from the game Lucky returned to the ring in October '18 and called H2O home. Since returning his Win-Loss record is one of the best in company History He held the H2O Championship from March to December 2019 & not long after won the H2O HYBRID Championship in March of 2020. Lucky 13 is H2O! Enjoy this near 2 hour interview and some of his best matches in his tenure thus far for the Hardcore Hustle Organization" 
1. Interview
2. Nation Of Intoxication vs (The Awakening) Stockade, G-Raver & Father Matthew Tremont  | Deathmatch Extravaganza (10/20/18) 
3. Lucky 13 vs Jimmy Lloyd | Merry FN Christmas (12/22/18) 
4. H20 Championship: (c) Alex Colon vs Lucky 13 | Sub 4 (1/27/19) 
5. H2O Championship: Alex Colon(c) vs. Lucky 13 vs. Markus Crane | Hardcore Kingdom 3 (3/9/19) 
6. H20 Championship: Aaron Williams vs Alex Colon vs (c) Lucky 13 | 2 Tuff 2 Quit (4/26/19) 
7. H20 Championship Match: G-Raver vs. (c) Lucky 13 | Super Clash (6/14/19) 
8. H20 Championship: Aiden Baal vs (c) Lucky 13  | Hustlepalooza (7/20/19) 
9. H20 Championship: Ron Mathis vs (c) Lucky 13 | Hustlemania (9/28/19) 
10. Widow's Walk (3 Way) H20 Title Match: (c) Lucky 13 vs Orin Viedt vs Devon Moore | DM #2 (11/16/19) 
11. (4 Way) H20 Championship: (c) Lucky 13 vs. Stockade vs. Chuck Payne vs. Mathis | Merry Fn Xmas (12/21/19) 
12. Frankie Pickard vs Lucky 13 | Sub 666 (1/25/20) 

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