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UEW October 13, 2018 "Hellbound" - Sun Valley, CA (Download)

1. UEW Underground I-TV Championship BODY BAG Match: Icky Haight (C) VS. Max X
2. Underground Rules Match: Guy Cool VS. "Beautiful" Jimi Mayhem
3. Straight Jacket Match: The Insaniac VS. The Red Bat
4. Sadistic Six-Way Match: Daniel Torch VS. Zack VS. Ezra VS. Aiden Way VS. Uncle Chaz VS. ???
5. Trick or Treat Match / Mr. Clark's Gauntlet: Biagio Crescenzo VS. ???
6. Falls Count Anywhere Match: "Chiver" Freddy Havoc VS. Alex Salyers
7. Light Tube Double Dog Collar Tag Team Championship Match: The Homeless Assassins (Homeless Jimmy & Hellaware Assassin) VS. The Heavy Hitters
8. Fans Bring the Weapons Deathmatch: BC Killer VS. "Blakhart" Fern Owens