PWF June 9, 2002 "Lockdown in Pottstown" - Pottstown, PA


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PWF June 9, 2002 "Lockdown in Pottstown" - Pottstown, PA

PWF - June 9, 2002 - Pottstown, PA "Lockdown in Pottstown"
1. The S.A.T. (Jose & Joel Maximo) vs Christian York & Joey Matthews w/ Donnie B. - 2 out of 3 falls
2. Billy Bax vs Super Slam
3. Julio Dinero vs Rapid Fire Maldonado
4. Matt Vandal vs "Platinum" Mike Preston
5. The Damned w/ Demonica vs Lance Erickson & Biggie Biggs w/ Simon Rothchild
6. Jody Fleisch vs Jonny Storm (another incredible match between these two which again got them a standing ovation)
7. Doomsday Danny Rose vs Rockin Rebel
8. 10 Man Ultimate Rumble Gauntlet Match: The Amazing RED vs Quiet Storm vs Adam Flash vs Chi Chi Cruz vs Stryker vs Rob Eckos vs Jack Miller vs Gino Giovanni vs Chris Divine vs Jay Briscoe (2 men start and every 90 seconds another man enters. elimination by pinfall or submission.)
9. STEEL CAGE MATCH: Steve Corino & CW Anderson vs Jack Victory & Guillotine LeGrande vs Dylan Night & Chris Hamrick w/ Candi