RCW "Best of 2003 Part 1"


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RCW "Best of 2003 Part 1"

Revolution Championship Wrestling which is quickly becoming the premier federation in Chicago presents their Best of 2003 Part 1 which highlights RCWs best matches from April through June of 2003. This tape includes the first ever meeting of CM Punk verse Raven.

1. Acid vs. Vic Capri - Infamous Lights Out Match

2. Eric Marx vs. Alter Ego vs. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Jason Allen

3. Jayrep vs. Sandman

4. Jimmy Jacobs & Cameron Cage vs. The Road Warriors

5. Mad Dog Vachon Interview

6. Bill E. Valentine vs. Ryan Boz

7. Eric Marx vs. Jason Allen

8. Tables, Ladders & Chairs - Egotistico Fantastico vs. Alter-Ego

9. Acid vs. Ace Steel

10. CM Punk vs. Raven