The Wifebeater Shoot Interview DVD


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The Wifebeater Shoot Interview DVD

Wifebeater Shoot Interview DVD

The Wifebeater sat down with SMV to discuss his career.
Topics covered include his match with Yamakawa where Yamakawa nearly
died and what happened...the use of the weedwhacker...his many
overseas trips...why he beat up he got into hardcore...the
many death matches hes he got himself discharged from the
USMC...what unusual body part he got pierced by Whacks...his thoughts
on backyard wrestling and lots more covering his CZW and Japan career.
He has thoughts and stories on many people including Abdullah the
Butcher, Zandig, Justice Pain, Kojika, Jun Kasai, Mad Man Pondo,
Johnny Kashmere, Trent Acid, Messiah, Nick Gage, Nate Hatred, Onita,
Mike Samples, Yamakawa and tons more.

As a part of this DVD release
there is an additional 30 + minute never released interview and the
entire SMV catalog of footage featuring the Wifebeater not in CZW as
an added bonus.

1. Matt Martini (WBs original gimmick) & Cujo vs. Hollywood Inc.

2. Wifebeater vs. Nick Gage

3. Wifebeater vs. Mad Man Pondo vs. Jun Kasai vs. Zandig - 200 Light Tube Match

4. CZW 11/9/02 Wifebeater vs. Zandig - exclusive ringside camera angle

5. POW 12/16/00 Wifebeater & Justice Pain vs. Rockin' Rebel & Nick Gage

6. Hardway Wrestling TV Episode #38 Zandig & Wifebeater invade Hardway Wrestling

7. 3PW 12/27/03 Sandman & Raven vs. Zandig & Wifebeater

8. 3PW 1/24/04 Wifebeater vs. Gary Wolfe

9. IWA-MS 4/9/04 Fans Bring the Weapons: Wifebeater & Corporal
Robinson vs. JC Bailey & Necro Butcher

10. IWA-MS 4/10/04 Tables Match: Wifebeater vs. Corporal Robinson