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Ultraviolent Underground DVD Volume 1

Ultraviolent Underground DVD Volume 1
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Ultraviolent Underground DVD Volume 1

Ultraviolent Underground Volume 1 DVD
This is the first volume in a series from the Ultraviolent Underground which is basically hardcore, ultraviolent matches done in front of no audience and were previously only seen at the live CZW shows on the bigscreen after the shows, but now you can see them for yourself (along with several never seen before) all on this 2 disc collection. There are many bonus replays of all the violence as well as backstage footage of the men getting attended to after the matches including sick, sick footage of Necro Butchers back. Some of these men you may have never seen before in a hardcore environment and many will suprise you. Hardcore, death match..this is for you.
1. Necro Butcher vs JC Bailey (to crown the 1st UVU champion
2. DJ Hyde vs Jude vs Andy Sumner vs Ravage vs Rick Feinberg
3. Sabian vs Niles Young
4. JC Bailey vs "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein
5. Necro Butcher vs DJ Hyde
6. Ian Rotten vs JC Bailey
+ lots of bonus backstage stuff and replays

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