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3PW May 15, 2004 "Not Enough Time" - Philadelphia, PA

3PW May 15, 2004 "Not Enough Time" - Philadelphia, PA
3PW May 15, 2004 "Not Enough Time" - Philadelphia, PA

3PWs latest show features a fantastic, must see main event between two of the top wrestlers in the world today as AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels put on a classic. Other highlights include a great match between Jerry Lynn and Joey Matthews, the 3 way match, the mixed tag and more.
1. N8 Mattson vs Rob Eckos
2. Ruckus vs Mike Kruel vs Damian Adams
3. The Sugar Shack with Tod Gordon & Jasmin St. Claire
4. Double Trouble (Jack Victory & Rockin Rebel) vs Don E. Allen & Ron Zombie
5. CJ ODoyle vs "Pitbull" Gary Wolf
6. Roadkill vs The Blue Meanie
7. Joey Matthews vs Jerry Lynn
8. "Macho King" Matt Striker & Talia vs Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter
9. AJ Styles vs "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels

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