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Best Of DJ Z DVD "DJ Z Gone Wilde: 48 Hours To Orlando"

Best Of DJ Z DVD "DJ Z Gone Wilde: 48 Hours To Orlando"
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Best Of DJ Z DVD "DJ Z Gone Wilde: 48 Hours To Orlando"

In 48 hours, the man (at that point) still known as DJ Z will pack all of his possessions and begin a new chapter of his life as he moves to Orlando to start his tenure in the largest professional wrestling company in the world. Before DJ Z closes the book on his prior incarnation, Joe Dombrowski sits down with him for his final interview as a free agent to tell the entire story of what led to this life-changing opportunity. From being the son of a mail-order bride, and the challenges of growing up without a father, to navigating school and finding purpose, to fearing and then re-discovering professional wrestling, we cover DJ Z’s entire journey that led him to pro wrestling, and every twist and turn afterward. From training, to his rookie year, to touring the world. From travel mishaps, silly stage names, and serious injuries balanced with championships, major opportunities, and working with childhood heroes, we cover dozens of major moments spanning the independents, international tours, Impact Wrestling, and much more!

Plus Bonus Matches Featuring DJ Z Including:

vs. Jason Gory (Z’s first match after turning 18 years old, alternate commentary from Joe Dombrowski & DJ Z)
vs. Homicide
vs. Johnny Gargano
vs. Amazing Red
vs. Adam Cole
vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
vs. Matt Sydal
vs. Trey Miguel
“Rock Warriors” Memphis-Style Music Video


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