Chikara DVD February 18, 2005 "2005 Tag World Grand Prix- Night 1" - Reading, PA


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Chikara DVD February 18, 2005 "2005 Tag World Grand Prix- Night 1" - Reading, PA

Chikara DVD Feb. 18, 2005 "Tag World Grand Prix Night 1" - Reading, PA
The 2005 Tag World Grand Prix featured 32 teams from around the world and this is the first night featuring 16 of those teams in a fantastic night of wrestling. The entire tournament is definitley must see stuff. A few highlights from night 1 include the Chikara debut of Ebessan and Billy Ken Kid from Osaka Pro as they had 2 great matches. The stuff with Ebessan and Darkness Crabtree is classic stuff and their match with PWG was a great main event as they showed they are more than just comedy. Theres too much good stuff to list here, just a great show from top to bottom as were all 3 nights of the tournament. Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Dave Prazak, Eddie Kingston, Larry Sweeney & Mike Quackenbush
1. John Cabbie & Mana vs. Team F.I.S.T.
2. Dunn & Marcos vs. Shane Hagadorn & Davey Andrews
3. Lance Steel & Jolly Roger vs. Crossbones & Mano Metalico
4. Shirley Doe & Darkness Crabtree vs. Billy Ken Kidd & Ebessan
5. Claudio Castagnoli & Arik Cannon vs. Allison Danger & Alere Little Feather
6. Jigsaw & Sabian vs. Ravage & Rorschach
7. Danny Daniels & Jimmy Jacobs vs. Matt Bomboy & Din Mak
8. Super Dragon & B-Boy vs. Wonderman & Ken the Box
9. Team F.I.S.T. vs. Arik Cannon & Claudio Castagnoli
10. Dunn & Marcos vs. Jigsaw & Sabian
11. Jolly Roger & Lance Steel vs. Danny Daniels & Jimmy Jacobs
12. B-Boy & Super Dragon vs. Billy Ken Kidd & Ebessan