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CZW DVD October 15, 2006 "FEAR" - Middleton, DE

CZW DVD October 15, 2006 "FEAR" - Middleton, DE
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CZW DVD October 15, 2006 "FEAR" - Middleton, DE

CZW DVD Oct. 15, 2006 "FEAR" - Middleton, DE
CZW returned to Delaware and put on an ultraviolent show for its hardcore fans. Highlights include LuFisto showing how tough she is as she battles Sexxxy Eddy & Beef Wellington in a bloody light tube death match. Watch for the huge piece of glass LuFisto gets stuck in her back!! Also on the show is a wild no rope barbed wire match for the Ultraviolent Underground title between Nick Gage and Drake Younger. Thereメs also a barbed wire board match, a street fight featuring the Necro Butcher and much more. Taped by SMV with 3 cameras.
1. Kings Of Wrestling vs. The Original Blackout (Onyx & Rainman)
2. Staple Gun & Barbed Wire Board Match: George W. Baus vs. Whacks
3. Niles Young vs. Luke
4. BLKOUT (Ruckus & Sabian) vs. Drew Gulak & Human Tornado
5. Lighttube Death Match: Lufisto vs. Sexxxy Eddy vs. Beef Wellington
6. Barbed Wire Boards: DJ Hyde vs. Mana
7. Frightland Street Fight: The Dead Presidents vs. Necro Butcher & Danny Havoc
8. No Rope Barbed Wire Match: Drake Younger vs. Nick Gage

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