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H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Chuck Payne in H20" (Download)

H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Chuck Payne in H20" (Download)
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H20 Wrestling "Career Retrospective Interview Series: Chuck Payne in H20" (Download)

H20 Wrestling Career Retrospective Interviews Series & Best of w/ Chuck Payne  

"H2O Wrestling's resident MONSTER has been on a path of terror ever since he made his H2O debut when Opportunity Knocked back in September of 2018. Throughout the 2010's Mr. Payne has been a force to be reckoned with anywhere he went. When the HOSS came to the Hardcore Hustle Organization is was a match made in Hardcore Heaven! He has dominated the H2O Wrestling landscape, taking on the top stars of the promotion and eventually winning the HYBRID Championship in the summer of 2018. 
A Hardcore Kingdom finalast as-well, "The Monster" Chuck Payne looks to continue run roughshot into the future all while chasing the biggest dream of them all the H2O Championship! Enjoy 12 of his best & favorite matches and a 1st time ever sit down exclusive interview discussing his tenure in the sport thus far"  
1. Interview 
2. vs Jimmy Lyon | (Opportunity Knocks #2) 9/30/18 *DEBUT* 
3. vs Stockade | (2 TUFF 2 QUIT) 4/26/19 
4. vs "Big Scare" Dan O'Hare | HYBRID Title | (Super Clash) 6/14/19 
5. vs Bam Sullivan | HYBRID Title | (Hustlepalooza) 7/20/19 
6. vs Chris Bradley | HYBRID Title | (Opportunity Knocks #4) 8/24/19 
7. vs Devon Moore | HYBRID Title | (Hustlemania 2) 9/28/19 
8. vs Danny Gallagher | HYBRID Title | (Hardore Halloween 2) 10/31/19
9. vs SHLAK | Deathmatch | (Deathmatch Extravaganza #2)  11/16/19 
10. vs Lucky, Stockade, Ron Mathis | H2O Title | (Merry F'n Xmas) | 12/21/19
11. vs Jimmy Lyon | Last Man Standing | (Subterranean Violence: 666) 1/25/20
12. vs Stockade, Mouse, Devon Moore | Hardcore Kingdom 4 Finals | 3/14/20
13. vs Kristian Ross | HOSS FIGHT | H2O: Undiscovered #26 | 6/15/20  

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