Ian Rotten Shoot Interview (AUDIO)


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Ian Rotten Shoot Interview (AUDIO)

This is the complete Ian Rotten Shoot Interview, in MP3 audio form.

The Hardcore legend Ian Rotten sat down with SMV to discuss his career. He talks for 4 hours and has tons of great stories from his early days training with Axl, to the early indy days around Maryland, to Global, to ECW, to his own promotion IWA Mid South. Anyone who knows Ian knows his feelings about Paul Heyman and he holds nothing back in this interview. He talks about so many people that he's encountered throughout his career including Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Taz, Kerry Von Erich, The Patriot, Kamala, Adrian Street, Sabu, Public Enemy, Pitbulls, Tod Gordon, Tracy Smothers, Jerry Lawler, Eddie Gilbert, Terry Funk, Black Bart, Booker T, Bradshaw, Shane Douglas, Cactus Jack, Steiner Brothers, Mad Man Pondo, Corporal Robinson, and so many, many more. He discusses the matches he did with Axl that revolutionized ECW into being Extreme. He also talks in detail about his final days in ECW and what led to his leaving the company. He also discusses some stories from his overseas tours in Germany and Japan. He is very open and really doesn't hold anything back as he discusses his career. He also talks about the death match style of wrestling he has become famous for and the problems he's had with athletic commissions. This is one shoot interview you don't want to miss.