Wifebeater Shoot Interview (AUDIO)


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Wifebeater Shoot Interview (AUDIO)

This is the complete Wifebeater Shoot Interview, in MP3 audio form.

Topics covered include his match with Yamakawa where Yamakawa nearly died and what happened...the use of the weedwhacker...his many overseas trips...why he beat up Onita...how he got into hardcore...the many death matches hes done...how he got himself discharged from the USMC...what unusual body part he got pierced by Whacks...his thoughts on backyard wrestling and lots more covering his CZW and Japan career. He has thoughts and stories on many people including Abdullah the Butcher, Zandig, Justice Pain, Kojika, Jun Kasai, Mad Man Pondo, Johnny Kashmere, Trent Acid, Messiah, Nick Gage, Nate Hatred, Onita, Mike Samples, Yamakawa and tons more.