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IPW UK November 21, 2004 "Show 2" - Orpington, Kent

IPW UK November 21, 2004 "Show 2" - Orpington, Kent
IPW UK November 21, 2004 "Show 2" - Orpington, Kent

IPW UK Nov. 21, 2004 "Show 2" - Orpington, Kent
1. LDN Wrestling Guest Lucha Match - Cabritro vs. Hombre Del Veilo
2. Samurai vs. Flaming Red
3. Majik, Superstar Tony Sefton & Flyin Phil Powers vs. Shining Light Stevie Knight & Team Charming (Jed Masters & Assassin w/Charming Don Charles)
4. Aviv Maayan vs. Thee Drew Galloway (w/ Charles Boddington)
5. New Superstar Stevie Douglas vs. Leon Lionheart
6. No Rules Match: Paul Travell vs. Sexxxy Eddy vs. Flaming Red
7. World of Sport Rules Match: The International Man of Mystery (w/ Miss Amy) vs. Robbie Brookside (w/ Stevie Douglas)

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