Thumbtack Jack DVD "He's So Sick..."


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Thumbtack Jack DVD "He's So Sick..."

Thumbtack Jack DVD "He's So Sick ..."

This 3 disc compilation consists of some of the most brutal death match wrestling there ever is. Also, it shows Thumbtack Jacks career path from being a 15 year old to becoming the worldwide known death match wrestler he is today.

It is all in there, from beating the Sandman as a kid, having the insane TLC match with Sexxxy Eddy, competing in the only Church of Death there ever was, wrestling Violent Tom in a match that got wrestling legitimately banned from wXws original venue (Turock/Roxy in Essen), doing the infamous Saw Death Match with Drake Younger, having a shoot streetfight with Bad Bones, tearing his cross ligament in the boiler room ladder match, returning against Danny Havoc at 18+ to the excellent no ropes barbed wire match with Drake. For any fan of TJ or any fan of death match wrestling in general, this is a can't miss!

1. Thumbtack Jack Introduction Speech

2. Scenes from 4 Way Hardcore Invitational: Thumbtack Jack vs. HATE vs. Mad Cow vs. Sandman -
wXw Got Eggs?! - Day 2 - 19.04.03

2. Fans bring the Weapons Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. HATE - wXw Broken Rulz 3 - 30.08.03

3. 4 Way Elimination Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. B-Boy vs. Steve Douglas vs. X-dream -
wXw ...then we called 187 - 31.01.04

4. TLC Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Sexxxy Eddy - wXw Fight Club 2004 - 20.11.04

5. Church of Death Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Iceman vs. Hate vs. Mad Cow - wXw 4th Anniversary Show - 11.12.2004

6. Four Corners of Pain Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Violent Tom - wXw Fans Appreciation Night 2006 - 19.06.06

7. SAW Death Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Drake Younger - Westside Dojo: Stark wie'n Pferd - 11.03.07

8. Streetfight: Thumbtack Jack vs. Bad Bones - wXw Saturday Wrestling - 29.09.07

9. Boiler Room Ladder Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Steve Douglas - GSW "X-Limits 2" - 24.11.2007

10. Fans Bring The Weapons Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Danny Havoc - wXw 18+ - 12.04.08

11. Falls Count Anywhere Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Jay Briscoe - wXw/NOAH Dead End VIII - European Navigation - 22.06.08

12. No Ropes Barbed Wire Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Drake Younger - wXw 18+ Reloaded - 13.09.08

13. Anywhere Match: Thumbtack Jack vs. Kenny Omega - wXw True Colors 2008 - 04.10.08