IWA Mid-South DVD September 9, 2005 "A Matter of Pride '05" - Midlothian, IL


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IWA Mid-South DVD September 9, 2005 "A Matter of Pride '05" - Midlothian, IL

IWA Mid-South DVD Sept. 9, 2005 "A Matter of Pride 2005" - Midlothian, IL

IWA continues its streak of spectacular shows in Midlothian as this show topped even last months with just a great must see show from top to bottom. The main event I Quit/Respect match is just 30+ minutes of the hardest hitting I have ever seen. These two beat the living hell out of each other while trying to make the other say "I Quit". Great stuff. Other highlights include the fantastic rematch between KUDO and Brandon Thomaselli which blew away their first match (which was great)...Josh Abercrombie and Tyler Black really put it all on the line in a wild TLC match...Matt Sydal took on James Gibson in a great match...and just so much more, great, great show. Highly recommended. Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Ben Jorda, Chris Hero and Kevin Harvey.
1. Claudio Castagnoli vs Jayson Reign
2. Marek Brave vs "Spyder" Nate Webb
3. KUDO vs Brandon Thomaselli
4. Sal & Vito Thomaselli vs CJ Otis & Mickie Knuckles
5. Losing Team Must Split Up: Trik Davis & Ryan Boz vs Eric Priest & Chandler McClure
6. James Gibson vs Matt Sydal
7. Tables, Ladders & Chairs: Josh Abercrombie vs Tyler Black
8. Jimmy Jacobs vs Delirious
9. I Quit Match: Chris Hero vs Arik Cannon