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JCW August 24, 2003 "2003 J-Cup" - Garfield, NJ

JCW August 24, 2003 "2003 J-Cup" - Garfield, NJ
JCW August 24, 2003 "2003 J-Cup" - Garfield, NJ

This event was JCWs 4th Jersey J-Cup which features 16 of the top competitors which includeds Jimmy Jacobs, Alex Shelley, CM Punk, Homicide and Sonjay Dutt. This years tournament simply blew away any previous J-Cups with standout performances by Jay Lethal, Homicide and Slyk Wagner Brown. This show is a two cmaera shot and features commentary by Jerry Strauss and Mike Johnson of
1. Disciples Of Darling vs. Los Boriquas
2. Jay Lethal vs. Rob Eckos
3. Homicide vs. The Grim Reefer
4. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Dixie
5. Alex Shelley vs. Ruckus
6. CM Punk vs. Sonjay Dutt
7. Johnny Ova vs. Dan Barry
8. Shawn Sheridan vs. Deranged
9. Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Dave Greco
10. Jay Lethal vs. CM Punk
11. Homicide vs. Alex Shelley
12. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Shawn Sheridan
13. Slyk Wagner Brown vs. Johnny Ova
14. Jay Lethal vs. Jimmy Jacobs
15. Homicide vs. Slyk Wagner Brown
16. Striker vs. Jonny Storm
17. Homicide vs. Jay Lethal

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