JCW June 23, 2001 "Jersey J-Cup" - Lodi, NJ


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JCW June 23, 2001 "Jersey J-Cup" - Lodi, NJ

JCW - June 23, 2001 - Lodi, NJ - Jersey J-Cup
This is the annual big show of the year for JCW. It features a 16 man junior heavyweight tournament. If you are a fan of the juniors or just a fan of great wrestling in general, I highly recommend this show.

1st Round:
1. Ryan Wing vs Judas Young
2. Supreme Lee Great vs Dave Greco
3. Low ki vs Xavier
4. Felipe the Pool Boy vs Dixie
5. Jose Maximo vs Joel Maximo (Battle of the S.A.T)
6. Qenaan Creed vs White Lotus
7. Dylan Kage vs Shark Boy
8. Red vs Lightning Mike Quackenbush

2nd Round:
1. Joel Maximo vs Low ki
2. Dave Greco vs Mike Quackenbush
3. Shark Boy vs Judas Young
4. Qenaan Creed vs Dixie

1. Shark Boy vs Low ki
2. Mike Quackenbush vs Qenaan Creed

Non Turnament Match
1. Julio Dinero vs Rik Ratchet w/ Andrew Anderson

1. Low ki vs Qenaan Creed