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JCW March 28, 2004 - Garfield, NJ

JCW March 28, 2004 - Garfield, NJ
JCW March 28, 2004 - Garfield, NJ

This show is highlighted by a unique tag team match pitting Teddy Hart and Danny Doring vs The S.A.T. ...also Ricky Steamboat served as special referee for a 6 man tag match and the greatest part of this show might be the Iron Sheik, who came out as a "bad guy" but proceeded to cut a huge babyface promo which is hysterical. Classic Iron Sheik.
1. Mike Quackenbush, Jolly Roger & UltraMantis vs Jigsaw, Hallowicked & Blackjack Marciano
2. Teddy Hart & Danny Doring vs The S.A.T. (Joel & Jose Maximo)
3. The Sons of Gestapo with Iron Sheik vs Scotty Charisma & Ryan Wing
4. Danny Demanto with Dana Dameson vs Brawlik
5. Chris Candido, Prince Nana & Hasheem Ali vs Balls Mahoney, Wenzel & Johnny Thundar - Special Referee: Ricky Steamboat
6. Tiger Mulligan & Red Hot Russ vs V.I.P.
7. Battle Royal
8. Special In Ring Presentation to Les Thatcher
9. Miss Kara vs Alicia
10. Damian Adams vs Fred Sampson
11. Dave Greco vs Shawn Sheridan
12. Ace Darling & Matt Striker vs Josh Daniels & Rob Eckos

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