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MAW April 20 & 21, 2001 "2001 Hardcore Cup" - West Allis, WI (Download)

MAW April 20 & 21, 2001 "2001 Hardcore Cup" - West Allis, WI (Download)
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MAW April 20 & 21, 2001 "2001 Hardcore Cup" - West Allis, WI (Download)

1. Skullkrusher Vs. Mean Mitch Page -- Barbed Wire Chain Match
2. Mad Man Pondo Vs. Mark Wolf -- Lumberjack Strap/ Kendo Stick Match
3. Colt Cabana Vs. Dino Bambino -- Tables & Chairs Match
4. Corporal Robinson Vs. Dysfunction Kurt Krueger -- Thumbtack Death Match
5. Alister Fear Vs. 2 Tuff Tony -- Bed Of Nails Match
6. Leatherface Vs. Peter B. Beautiful -- Cactus Death Match
7. "Sick" Nick Mondo Vs. Necro Butcher -- Staple Gun Death Match
8. Ian Rotten Vs. Rollin Hard -- Barbed Wire Boards/ Pillar Of Salt Death Match
9. Mad Man Pondo Vs. Mean Mitch Page -- Live Light Bulbs/ Barbed Wire Boards Match
10. Dino Bambino Vs. Corporal Robinson -- Barbed Wire Tables & Chairs Match
11. Leatherface Vs. 2 Tuff Tony -- Carribean Spiderweb Barbed Wire Match
12. Ian Rotten Vs. "Sick" Nick Mondo -- Barbed Wire Bat Match
13. Mad Man Pondo Vs. Corporal Robinson -- Taipei Glass Death Match
14. Ian Rotten Vs. Leatherface -- 4 Corners Of Pain Match
15. Ian Rotten Vs. Corporal Robinson -- Log Cabin Of Glass Match

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