MAW May 26, 2002 "2002 Hardcore Cup" - Milwaukee, WI (Download)


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MAW May 26, 2002 "2002 Hardcore Cup" - Milwaukee, WI (Download)

1. Adrian Serrano vs Barfly Mike
2. Mean Mitch Page vs Dino Bambino w/ Holly Wood - Thumbtack Match
3. 2 Tuff Tony vs Ian Rotten - Barbed Wire Boards and Electrified Light Tubes Match (the tubes are plugged in and lit up)
4. Necro Butcher vs Hardcore Craig - Lucky 21 Staple Gun Match (they had 21 dollar bills...whoever staples 11 to the other guy first wins the match)
5. Mad Man Pondo w/ "Spyder" Nate Webb vs Corporal Robinson - Barbed Wire Tables, Barbed Wire Boards, Barbed Wire Bat & Pillar of Salt Match
6. "The Hustler" Carmine DeSpirito vs Jerry "The Mauler" Maywald - Street Fight (Mauler bleeds buckets)
7. Ian Rotten vs Mean Mitch Page - Log Cabin of Glass Death Match
8. Hardcore Craig vs Corporal Robinson - Taipei Death Match
9. Dysfunction vs Frankie "The Thumper" DeFalco
10. Corporal Robinson vs Mean Mitch Page - 4 Corners of Pain, Barbed Wire Ladder Match

This is MAWs annual death match tournament. Fans of all the other death match tournaments will love this DVD. Highly recommended for hardcore fans.