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NWA Wildside October 30, 2004

NWA Wildside October 30, 2004
NWA Wildside October 30, 2004

NWA Wildside Oct. 30, 2004 "Fright Night 2004" Cornelia, GA
1. Skeeter Frost, Sweet Dreams, Brandon P & Brett Anthony vs. Pomp & Circumstance, Jeff Lewis & Jason Blackman
2 Jeremy V vs. Todd Sexton
3. Three Guys who Totally Rule vs. Thomasellis
4. Altar Boy Luke vs. Jason Cross
5. Onyx vs. Tony Stradlin
6. Gabriel vs. Caprice Coleman vs. Ray Gordy
7. Daizee Haze vs. Zero X
8. Jay Fury vs. Deliriouos vs. Nick Halen vs. Slim J
9. 4 Corners of Pain - Iceberg & Tank vs Rainman & Azreal w/ Jeff G. Bailey
10. New Jack Promo

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