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AAW DVD "Best of 2009"

AAW DVD "Best of 2009"
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AAW DVD "Best of 2009"

AAW DVD "Best of 2009"

This is a special 2 disc release which features the best matches from AAW for 2009.

1. Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards (Path of Redemption)

2. Jay Bradley vs. Tyler Black vs. Egotistico Fantastico (5 Year Anniversary)

3. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Ryan Boz (5 Year Anniversary)

4. Johnny Gargano vs. Shane Hollister (Point of No Return)

5. Matt Cross & Shane Hollister vs. The Phoenix Twins (Fate of Eight)

6. The Phoenix Twins vs. Irish Airborne (Scars & Stripes)

7. The House of Truth vs. Silas Young and Dan Lawrence (A Reign of Violence)

8. Faith in Nothing vs. The Phoenix Twins vs. Irish Airborne (A Reign
of Violence)

9. Gran Akuma, Hallowicked & Jigsaw vs. Arik Cannon & Northstar
Express (Defining Moment: Us vs. Them)

10. Silas Young vs. Bryan Danielson (Defining Moment: Us vs. Them)

11. Arik Cannon vs. CJ Esparza (Massacre on 26th St.)

12. House of Truth vs. The Phoenix Twins (Windy City Classic 5)

13. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Shane Hollister vs. Silas Young vs. Tyler Black
(Windy City Classic 5)

14. Jimmy Jacobs, Shane Hollister & Tyler Black vs. Silas Young &
Irish Airborne (Twisted Christmas)

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