Chikara DVD February 24, 2006 "Tag World Grand Prix 2006- Night 1" - Hellertown, PA


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Chikara DVD February 24, 2006 "Tag World Grand Prix 2006- Night 1" - Hellertown, PA

Chikara DVD Feb. 24, 2006 "Tag World Grand Prix 2006 Night 1" - Hellertown, PA
Chikaras annual 32 team tag tournament takes place over the course of 3 nights. Nights 1 and 2 each feature 16 different teams in first and second round action. Night 3 has the final 8 teams compete in the quarterfinals, semifinals and the finals to determine the winner and the first ever Chikara tag team champions. This years grand prix featured teams from all over the world and saw many classic matches. On this dvd of night 1 the highlights include the K-Dojo team of Miyawaki & Yago in two fantastic matches, one of which (vs. Team DDT) had the entire crowd giving a standing ovation in the middle of the match!! Yago was basically unheard of coming into this tournament but he opened lots of eyes with his strong hard-hitting and kicking style. There are so many other highlights but it would take too long to list them all here so let me just say a fantastic show from top to bottom, highly recommended. If you liked last years grand prix youll love this years. Taped by SMV with 2 cameras and commentary by Mike Quackenbush, Mister ZERO, Bryce Remsburg & UltraMantis Black.
1. Crossbones & Rorschach vs. Hallowicked & Delirious
2. Sumie Sakai & Ranmaru vs. Alere Little Feather & Allison Danger
3. Team K-Dojo (MIYAWAKI & Yoshiaki Yago) vs. The Iron Saints (Sal & Vito Thomaselli)
4. Team IWA Mid-South (Ian Rotten & Mickie Knuckles) vs. Sabian & Eddie Kingston
5. Cheech & Cloudy vs. The Gambino Brothers (Mickey & Marshall)
6. Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Equinox & Hydra
7. Team DDT (KUDO & MIKAMI) vs. Mana & Larry Sweeney
8. Team WWF (CP Munk & Colt CaBunny) vs. Matt Turner & Anthony Franco
9. Cheech & Cloudy vs. Delirious & Hallowicked
10. Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Ranmaru & Sumie Sakai
11. Team DDT (KUDO & MIKAMI) vs. Team K-Dojo (Yoshiaki Yago & MIYAWAKI)
12. Eddie Kingston & Sabian vs. Joker & Necro Butcher