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IWA Mid-South "Best of 2001"

IWA Mid-South - Best of 2001
1. Tracy Smothers vs Little Guido
2. Abdullah the Butcher & Ian Rotten vs Mad Man Pondo & Mean Mitch Page
3. Colt Cabana vs CM Punk (Suicide Kid is Special Referee)
4. Too Cold Scorpio, Colt Cabana, Ian Rotten & Suicide Kid vs CM Punk, Chris Hero, Ace Steel & Danny Dominion
5. Jerry Lynn vs Colt Cabana
6. CM Punk, BJ Whitmer & Chris Hero vs Suicide Kid, Colt Cabana & Tarek the Great - 6 Man Elimination Match
7. Mad Man Pondo vs The Sandman
8. Mean Mitch Page vs Corporal Robinson - 232 Light Tube Death Match