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HWA DVD "Best of Adrenaline"


This special 2 Disc Collector's Edition DVD chronicles the very best of the nationally syndicated HWA Adrenaline television series.

1. Rory Fox vs. Matt Stryker - First match in HWA Adrenaline history!

2. Tack vs. Lotus vs. Crazy J

3. Nigel McGuinness & TJ Dalton vs. Tracy Smothers & Shane Matthews

4. Pepper Parks vs. Rory Fox

5. Crazy J vs. Lotus

6. Jon Moxley vs. Pepper Parks

7. Rumble in the Heartland Battle Royal

8. Buffalo Bad Boy Brian Jennings vs. Jon Moxley

9. Nigel McGuinness & Chad Collyer vs. Chad Allegra & Rocky Romero

10. Ro-Z vs. Deja Vu Richard Phillips

11. The Irish Airborne vs. The Mavericks

12. Romeo Roselli vs. "High IQ" Quinten Lee

13. Bonus Material: "The Chemical Destruction of Cody Hawk"

14. Bonus Material: Jon Moxley and Cody Hawk's HWA Arena Brawl!