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UPW March 9, 2013 "Lord of Hardcore" - Escanaba, MI (Download)


1. Gauntlet Match
2. Extreme Table Match: Darkchild vs. Randi West
3. Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match: Mark Priebe vs. Nathan Gust
4. Barbwire Madness Match: TW3 vs. Dysfunction
5. Barbwire Bat Match: Peter B. Beautiful vs. Sabu
6. Brandon Sharpe vs. Joseph Schwartz
7. Johnathan Smash vs. Joey Avalon
8. Thumbtack Match: Peter B. Beautiful vs. Randi West
9. Kitchen Nightmare Match: Nathan Gust vs. Dysfunction
10. Peter Schwanz vs. Brian Skyline
11. No-Rope Barbwire, Weapons & Bed of Nails Match: Nathan Gust vs. Peter B. Beautiful