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Shoot Interview Blu-ray/DVD "Josh Crane"

Shoot Interview Blu-ray/DVD "Josh Crane"
Shoot Interview Blu-ray/DVD "Josh Crane"
On August 15 2020, we caught up with Josh Crane for a career retrospective shoot interview. Topics covered include:
  • How did you discover the school you went to and what was training like
  • Thoughts on working for D1W, IPW, School of Roc: Class Wars and Beyond Wrestling
  • Working in the EPW Hardcore Harvest, IWA King of the Death Matches, IWA East Coast Masters of Pain, IWA Deep South Carnage Cup and CZW Tournament of Death death match tournaments
  • How debuting in CZW came to be and why it fell apart
  • In depth thoughts on Big Japan, meeting Matsunaga, and what it was like being involved in Matsunaga's return to Big Japan after almost 20 years away
And so much more. This nearly 2.5+ hour shoot interview runs the gammet on Josh Crane's entire career

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